Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Harry Potter is Awesome

When I was in primary school we had book week, on the Friday we all dressed up as book characters and walked through Highbury mall. This was a pretty big deal. I really wanted to impress every one and decided to go as the most bad ass book character ever... DOBBY!!!

Well, if I'm honest I just wore a piece of rectangular fabric my mum had sown into a dress and my hockey socks.

Well if I'm really honest I was the fat, ginger kid with ridiculous amounts of hair. I was practically Molly Weasley but with less offspring.

Everyone was in awe of my costume and I made heaps of friends. We would sit and talk about Harry Potter for ages. We would discuss what might happen in the fourth book, we played pretend games where we got sent to hogwarts. We were, in short, totally awesome.


  1. Absolutely fantastic. Made me smile. Bobbie's mum. Lisa